18yr Nigerian rapper murderd in the Uk

isaih.UK rppppr

Isaiah Ekpaloba is an 18 year Nigeria
rapper who died on the 9th of Janauary
after he was stabbed in Wood Green, UK.He
was involved in a Fight with another
teenager named Jaydee Dorsette.They both
Engaged in a Physical Combat which
involves the use of Knifes, and by the
time they were done,the two teenagers
sustained Stab wounds.The Nigerian
teenager took himself to the hospital in
other to be treated but died shortly
after.They said he died as a result of
shock,haemorrhage and a stab wound to the

Jaydee,who was also taken to the hospital
for stab wounds, was later arrested and
has been charged with Murder.He’s
Currently on Trial where he’s claiming
the incident to be self defense


About Nester

I'm a student of Federal Polytechnic,Ado-Ekiti. im studying surveying and Geo-Informatics.I am a blogger,i love to write and sing.That's all i can possible say about myself for now.

One response to “18yr Nigerian rapper murderd in the Uk”

  1. Nester says :

    After writing this post,i was wondering what might have led to the Fight.


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