1. Remember NOT ALL relationships leads to marriage. Some relationships are for a reason,Some are for season.Only few are for a life time. So keep it pure and holy, and if it doesn’t work out, don’t kill yourself because it was for a reason. Discover it and move on.
2. Don’t ever give a man or a woman the totality of your heart before giving the rest to God. Love that person but put God first.
3. Trust no partner or relationship more than God by doing for them what God dislikes.
4. Don’t get carried away with beauty or money, if his or her inner person cannot keep you, his money or her beauty cannot either.
5. “Love” is never enough, God’s love, understanding, compatibility, wisdom, respect, patience and tolerance are equally important.
6. When the negative signs are more than the positive signs. It may be better to withdraw your whole heart before it gets ‘broken’.
7. Extreme jealousy can be deadly. Its the quickest way to break that relationship.
8. Trust, which is the foundation of every healthy relationship is like a mirror. Don’t demand trust, earn it, show it or build it.
9. Never should you compare him or her to someone else. People are different and unique in their own ways.
10. Always remember that SEX does not spice up a relationship… Don’t be deceived!
11. Don’t marry him or her because you saw him or her in church. Many are in church but for the wrong reasons and not really in touch with God. The heart is deceitful…Jere17:9
12. Discover your purpose and you will attract the right person. You can’t be a bad person and keep praying that God should give you a good person as a partner… It’s impossible, for God is not mocked…but, If your whole heart is with Him, you will know when the right person shows up.


About Nester

I'm a student of Federal Polytechnic,Ado-Ekiti. im studying surveying and Geo-Informatics.I am a blogger,i love to write and sing.That's all i can possible say about myself for now.

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